Solo instruments
At the Exhibition of Abstract Art, for piano (1959)
Prelude, for piano solo (1969)
Moments, four piano pieces (1970)
Sound Landscape, for flute solo (1980)
The Song of the Suburb, for clarinet solo (1983)
Slavko's solo, for clarinet (1985)
Still Life, for accordion (1997)
Phantasy, for organ (1997)
Moods, for piano (2006)
Chamber music
Wind Quartet (1971)
Solo de Concours, for clarinet and piano (1973)
Wind Quintet (1974)
The Shepherd's song, for clarinet and piano (1978)
Wind Trio (1979)
Feelings, for trumpet and piano (1981)
Fata Morgana (Mirage), for trombone and piano (1981)
Andante, for clarinet and piano (1983)
Among Stalactites, for clarinet and piano (1983)
The Suburb's Tale - Adagio, for clarinet and piano (1985)
Chorus, for three percussionists and alto saxaphone (1989)
The Doll is dancing, for clarinet and piano (1993)
Canto intimo, for violin and two percussionists (1996)
The Night - A Look into the Sky, for percussion and flute (1997)
When I Feel Lonesome, for violin and clarinet (1999)
Unfinished Song, for flute and harp (2002)
Euterpe, for violin and harp (2004)
Rhapsody, for trumpet and piano (2004)
Clarinet color, for three clarinets (2005)
Impression, for trumpet, trombone and organ (2007)
Undulation, for chamber orchestra (2007)
Landscape, for clarinet, violin, violoncello and piano (2007)
Feelings No. 2, for trumpet and piano (2011)
Concerto, for trumpet and piano (2011)
Horizons, for flute, clarinet, vibraphone, tom-tom, viola, violoncello and piano (2013)
Emotion, for trumpet and piano (2015)
For Nina, for two flutes and piano (2019)
Orchestral music
Fantasia, for symphony orchestra (1971)
Vision of Colours, for symphony orchestra (1972)
Adagio lamentoso, for flute, clarinet solo and simphony orchestra (1975)
Concertante Music, for horn and symphony orchestra (1978)
Elegy, for chamber orchestra (1982)
Fata Morgana (Mirage), for symphony orchestra (1984)
Adagio (The Suburb Tale), for clarinet and string orchestra (1985)
First Symphony, for symphony orchestra (1986)
Serenade, for oboe and symphony orchestra (1988)
Concert, for piano and symphony orchestra (1988)
Flight, for wind orchestra (1988)
Second Symphony (The Soul Window), for symphony orchestra (1992)
Concerto, for violin and symphony orchestra (1995)
Third Symphony, for percussion and symphony orchestra (1996)
Expectations, for symphony orchestra (1999)
Expectations, for wind orchestra, arrangement (2002)
Concertino, for marimba solo, rhythmical accompaniment and string orchestra (2003)
Rhapsody, for trumpet and symphony orchestra (2004)
Concerto, for trumpet and orchestra (2011)
Daydreaming, for wind instruments and vibraphone (2012)
Memory of Paris, for symphony orchestra (2015)
Awakening, for symphony orchestra (2016)
Young virtuoso, for piano and orchestra (2022)
Vocal-instrumental music
Forgive Me (1966), text Katja Špur
Tender Flowers (1967), text Franc Nič
Sometimes, for ensemble and singer (1968), text Jože Humer
So Many Words, for mezzo-soprano and piano (1972), text Katja Špur
Whom Shall I Tell, for mezzo-soprano and piano (1977)
Contemplation, for soprano, violin/clarinet and piano (1986), text Srečko Kosovel
Premonition, for mezzo-soprano and piano (1995)
I Can Be without Anybody but Not without You, for soprano and piano - also orchestral arrangement (2014)
I Am Your Poem, for soprano, tenor and piano - also orchestral arrangement (2012)
You and Me, for mezzo-soprano and piano - also orchestral arrangement (2014)
The Ravensbrück Concentration Camp, cantata for two mixed choirs, narrator and symphony orchestra (1980)
Choral music
The Wanderer, for mixed choir (1970), text Pavel Lužan
Motet, for mixed choir (1971)
They beat us, for mixed choir (1978), text Katja Špur
The Night, for mixed choir (1982), text Tone Seliškar
Orinoco, for mixed choir (1983), text Pablo Neruda
Orinoco, for male choir (1983), text Pablo Neruda
I Know the Day Will Come, for mixed choir (1984), text Rabindranath Tagore
Summer Dreams, for children's choir and piano (1996)
An Evening Fairy Tale, for children's choir and piano (1997)
Opera music
The Two Brothers (2002)
The Mice in the Opera House (2019)